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GPS/House Arrest

Soberlink - The next generation of handheld remote breath alcohol technology.  This patented product is a sleek, all-in-one device that instantly transmits breath alcohol tests to cloud storage and initiates alerts upon client violations.  Equipped with advanced facial recognition and GPS real time location technology.  Court Approved for 24/7 Program .  Used actively throughout the State of Montana. 

GPS/House Arrest Bracelet   Active GPS designed to track all types of offenders 24/7, indoors and out.  Offers the in-demand features of one-piece design, superior battery life, a cut-free strap, tool-free installation, superior accuracy, tamper technology, waterproofness, GPS location, shack and impact resistance, and proprietary signal encryption.  Set schedules, zones, and inclusion/exclusion for accurate monitoring and compliance.

Constant Contact Drug Patch  With quick application and removal, the Drug Patch is worn 24 hours per day, with up to 14 days of continuous wear time.  It is tamper-evident, waterproof, and gender indifferent.  It is hygienic, as there is no handling of urine.  Tests for the following: Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, PCP, Marijuana, Hydrocodone, Hydroporphone, Oxycodone, & Oxymorphone. 

Alcohol Monitoring